E-commerce: tree packages for online shops

If you run an online shop, you want to sell as many products as possible. The more products you sell, the more deliveries you make. This is beneficial for your company’s success but unfortunately it is a disadvantage for our nature.

Your success increases automatically the need for various things, such as:

  • Packaging, filling material and tape
  • Paper for delivery notes, invoices and bookkeeping
  • Labels and any other stickers
  • Advertising material, flyers and brochures that you enclose in the packages
  • etc. 

All paper and cardboard articles are made from wood fiber, obtained from natural wood. That means the more paper and packaging you need the more trees will be felled somewhere in the world.

Give something back to nature.
Plant a tree with every online order.

Compensation for packaging & delivery

Use a tree package to compensate for packaging and delivery. Just integrate it into your ordering process, e.g. as an upselling function. For Shopware 5, we offer a separate plug-in for this function.
When ordering, each customer can decide for himself whether he will perceive the tree package and thus give something back to nature with his order.

Alternatively, you can create a new, green shipping method: 1 delivery including an environment flat rate (with a surcharge).

Business success & environmental awareness

The more business you do, the more packaging waste must be produced. In addition, more and more CO2 emissions arise from all areas of activity related to the business.

  • Manufacturing processes, transport and logistics of your products and all associated individual components
  • Manufacturing processes for all office or company equipment such as office furniture, coffee machines, PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones, but also pens, college and notepads, Post-its, paper calendars, all office aids such as staplers, hole punches, adhesive tape, scissors, folders, glass covers …
  • Transport and logistics of all of these things from their first manufacturing facility to the wholesaler, middleman and retailer to your warehouse or office.
  • Packaging and filling material that is incurred with every delivery
  • Operation of storage facilities (light, electricity, heating, water)
  • Administration in the back office
  • Digital management of the shop and management of social media channels (electricity)
  • And many others…

Everything that we consume costs energy and certain resources.

Link online shopping with tree planting

It is very simple to include a tree package in your booking process. Use every order to plant trees.
Talk to us to find out how you and your customers can make a contribution to climate protection and give something back to nature.


Planting trees on land is the easiest option to do something good for the climate and our environment.


Mangrove projects are very demanding, but they store a lot more CO2 than any forest or eco system on land.