Everybody who plants a tree is making a bigger contribution than just offsetting his own carbon footprint.
Growing and planting trees and mangroves supports
several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) according to 2030 Agenda.

Planting trees supports various UN goals

In developing countries, poverty is a common reason why trees are illegally felled.
The wood is sold in order to be able to feed the family from the proceeds.

Sustainable reforestation, renaturation and agroforestry projects counteract this fact. Working in tree nurseries creates numerous, fairly paid jobs in poor regions where there is often no alternative to make money. This way, poor people can make their living from growing and planting trees, while sending their children to school.

You can do a lot of good by growing and planting trees and mangroves. Use your online shop to make a contribution to the world.
Not just for climate protection, but for a lot of families.

Growing trees and mangroves in developing countries
means giving poor people a perspective for life.



Pay back to nature offers many advantages.

Trees bind CO2 from the atmosphere and protect our climate.

A solid tree project incorporates eduction measures to help stop deforestation of existing forests.

We can only prevent climate change if we all make a contribution.

Raising trees creates valuable jobs and enables people to find their way out of poverty.

Planting trees is an important contribution to maintaining the natural beauty of our world.

Preserving our forests is essential to prevent terrible natural disasters.

The renaturation of areas increases natural biodiversity.

The forestation of fallow areas protects against soil erosion and landslides.

Agroforestry projects support poor farmers in their work.

Good tree projects help fight child labor.

Jobs promote economic growth in poor regions.    

Sustainable projects help to strengthen peace in crisis areas.