Tree packages for online shops

Tree packages are the ideal vehicle to link online orders with climate protection. There are several ways how to use tree packages to enhance your online shops to actively help reverse climate change.

Options: Link tree packages to your online shop

  • Simply integrate tree packages into the check-out process via a plugin, e.g. Shopware 5.
  • Incentivize marketing campaigns with trees, e.g. for more sales per user.
  • Create a new, green shipping type including trees (best practice).

A tree package is a certain number of trees.
You can use any number of trees for your interests,to link the offers in your online shop with planting trees.


  • Compensate for the CO2 emissions of packaging and delivery.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your online shop. Close the cycle of resources. * 
  • Actively contribute to climate protection.
  • Support automatically several UN goals (SDGs).
  • Take advantage of green marketing campaigns.

* Trees provide cellulose, the raw material for paper, cardboard and cardboard boxes.

Tree packages: free choice

  • You determine the size of a tree package according to your individual requirements.
  • You define what you associate with a tree package.
  • You decide whether it is a compulsory contribution or a voluntary service.

Your contribution when you include tree packages in your online shop:

  • You automatically do something good for the environment.
  • You give something back to nature.
  • You help create valuable jobs in developing countries, which lead to sustainable livelihoods and help people overcome poverty.
  • You support the fight against the illegal felling of trees.
  • You support the education of children for more independence and sustainability in their life.